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An exercise of the mind

Insight meditation is an exercise of the mind that improves your mental state. Believe and accept that you can accrue good actions in life. Use your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind to be aware of the present. Acknowledging the feelings of breathing and walking.

Follow the rules:

“Eatless, sleepless, speakless and practicing more meditation”

Do it patiently, be determined and steady.

When you are mindful, you do good actions.

The state of mind is changeable. Mindfulness

during concentration can come and go. It

depends on how you manage your situation.

Acknowledge every step and movement and accruing

mindfulness with clear comprehension is the factor giving higher morality. Developing an insightful mind, intuition and higher knowledge leads to the path of fruition.

We offer body and mind to the Triple Gem.

(Buddha Gem, Dharma Gem and Sangha Gem) The most

precious things in life are not possessions or

ornaments but the living body. All belongings and possessions are meaningless to a dead person but only benefit the relatives left behind. Money cannot buy life. Money can only buy a respirator to help life keep going.

Look at organs in the body. We can feel cold, heat, stiffness, softness, tenderness and movement in the mind. We have sight through the eyes, hearing through the ears, smell through the nose, taste through the tongue and feelings through the body. The most important thing in life when you are alive is how to make the most of it?

For example:

Granite is found in the mountains. It can be used to produce high quality products. If we have a saw, we can cut the granite into quality floor tiles adding value.

Trees from a wood can be transformed to building materials, tables, beds etc. Thus, increasing the value of the trees.

All metals in nature have their own value and quality when they are transformed into something. Such as Brass can be turn into a Buddha staue, cutlery or water pipes. When brass is used for bullets for

military purposes the law accepts this, if bullets are in criminal hands then it is unlawful and harmful. The brass itself does not know what it is used for.

We have eyes, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind similar to animals. Only humans can use the organs to make a merit and abandon sin. Also, humans can do good actions and our mind knows our actions.

We have walked since a young age till now. We do activities such as walking to school, to the market, to the temple etc. As long as we walk with awareness every step can be a good action.

Breathing with mindfulness is a good action. Be aware of what you are seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. Whatever you see and think in a positive way is a good deed. Such as when you see the monks or meditation yogis, your mind tends to think in a positive way.

We hear and have a belief to know more about cultivating wisdom. Only by thinking in a

positive way that is a good action. If you think in the

opposite way like you feel bored. You come to the temple with unwillingness.

You feel unpleasant whatever you do even mindfulness walking or meditation. That will be a bad action. You have to adjust your mind to have the right attitude.

For example:

you are a clean person, but the floor is filthy. You must make the effort to clean and tidy then you are happy. But if you do not do it. It stays the same nothing has been done and you remain unhappy.

Practicing meditation can be uninteresting just like taking a bitter medicine which you hate, but

medicine can cure the disease. It is not easy you need to have

Patience (Khanti Pārami)

Energy (Viriya Pārami)

Wisdom (Pañña Pārami)

No matter what you graduated from, lowest primary education or the highest PhD degree. We write and read with the same alphabet. Everyone learns a

different way from their experiences. We have

organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind but we are different in terms of our learning experience.

Humans have different social classes. Some people have an eye for producing useful things for people. As we are all consumers we get benefits from what they have produced and it depends on how you use things yourself .

For example: How can we make the most of our mobile phones? Some people use phones for

gaming, watching films, while other people use phones for designing, marketing and sending

information. You get out of it what you want. Some people are good looking, but this is only on the

surface. But if you make the most of your

experiences in life, the better for you. Just like the older priests are, the more respect they will get. Then we all have good actions that will benefit us later in life. Presidents, prime ministers and Kings who govern and rule the country meet up and sign agreements. These agreements have been discussed to defend the countries interests. This sets the scene for a successful and well-run country.


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